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Wednesday, April 25, 2018

The affordable LeggingShoes™ aka PantaShoes or Knife Over The Knee Boots are here!

Our friends at Elastic Wonder did it again and came up with the affordable LeggingShoes™. In case you haven't heard about Balenciaga's version the PantaShoes, let me fill you in. This new pair of leg/shoe wear for women are a hybrid of pants and shoes combined - or in Elastic Wonder's case it's leggings and shoes. They have a body conscious fit and are inspired by fetish catsuits. On the runway they look something like this:

these new womens spandex tights/shoes are a hybrid between shoes and leggings

Needless to say the designers at Elastic Wonder became obsessed with this new fashion fetish and they guessed right and predicted that there must be countless women searching for a pair of affordable quality PantaShoes right about now. Just as they did.

There were only a few really bad copies of the Pantashoes on the market: too sheer, made with low quality fabric that does not stretch back (no recovery), does not stretch enough or stretches too little depending on your shoe and body size (you can't choose your body size!) and really uncomfortable shoes.

Facing the seemingly only option of spending $2850 on a pair of Balenciaga PantaShoes. The design team decided to make a pair themselves. If you think that's a bit ambitious and you're asking "What are your qualifications?" While that's a fair question, remember that those folks are specialized in leggings own their own fashion label and know the do's and don't's of working with spandex fabric, all they had to do was change the pattern to include the cover of a stiletto shoe!

smooth and sexy spandex leggingshoes for women of all sizes in all colors
The LeggingShoes™

And here is the prototype. Fabulous, smooth and sexy. But that's not all! During their limited pre-sale month Elastic Wonder decided to let their early adopters pick their favorite color from over 80 different ones.

Choose a minty green or a fabulous orchid. It's up to you, then pick your legging size and your shoe size.

It's all designed to be a really great purchase for you. Sorry Balenciaga! But why let the celebrities have all the fun when you can have the same style?!

Kim Kardashian, Chrissy Teigen and Salma Hayek wearing the $2850 PantaShoes.

Meanwhile the LeggingShoes™ cost $47 and come in all colors.

The LeggingShoes features seamless opaque coverage in top quality Spandex.

Thursday, March 1, 2018

A Striking Postcards Series That Aims To Soothe Your Daily Urge To Protest

"The scenery is beautiful - wish you were here" postcards from the past indeed no longer paint an accurate picture of the reality of 99% of Americans. In 2018 we have an existential crisis with homelessness at an all time high and a lack of affordable housing.

Back in 2011 some folks started a movement in New York City called "Occupy Wall Street" against corporate corruption and rising inequality, receiving global attention and spawning a surge against economic inequality. Today in 2018 we feel the need to protest daily and we are reminded of what the original protest of the new Millennium stood for and foretold us would happen if nothing was done. Not enough was done and happening it is.
Photographer Carl Posey was on location in 2011 and his captures of the Occupy Wall Street Protest portray priceless historic documentation. 
Carl's newly launched Indiegogo campaign aims to soothe your daily urge to protest by providing a stunning collection of postcards, which are soon to be mailed around the world. 

Check out the campaign video: 

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Carl Posey Photography x IDILVICE Clothing Collaboration

It's only a matter of time - after October 27th, 2016 to be exact - until we are getting into silk screen printing a whole lotta Carl Posey images on clothing, namely the Carl Posey x IDILVICE™ fashion collaboration.

You guessed right, this collection will be cool to say the least. We're not holding back, letting our creativity run free. It will be Hip Hop centric, yes, but not exclusively. Limited edition? Yes. Available on Yes. Amazon Prime? Yes. Boring? Definitely not.

If you hurry, you might still be able to snag a few packs.

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Our Take On The Classic Turtleneck is Organic And Features Barbra Streisand's Famous Profile.

IDILVICE™'s take on the classic turtleneck sweater. Organic 100% cotton knit featuring an original silk screen print of Barbra Streisand. In love. What a profile! Limited edition, so get your Barbra Streisand Turtleneck now...

Monday, January 19, 2015

IDILVICE RTW Spring 2015 feat. Elastic Wonder Leggings Video by Carl Posey

Here's just a little Carl Posey video preview of the shooting of IDILVICE RTW Spring 2015 ad campaign featuring Elastic Wonder Leggings. Enjoy!

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

New Years Eve Style Hologram Bow Tie by IDILVICE for Elastic Wonder NY

Are you ready for 2015? Are you ready for the spotlight?

Video clip by Carl Posey

Friday, August 22, 2014

scrunchies galore - it is happening - again!

Try being cooler than our new hologram scrunchies! :D
We are having fun reinventing this retro 80s hair accessory... you can imagine!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Carl Posey - Makin' it Happen

View this dope documentary of our favorite collaborator and partner in crime and creativity: photographer Carl Posey - before it goes out a preview mode (as it is to premier at a not yet announced spot) where you most likely won't be able to get in!!! It's how we roll y'all!

Thursday, August 7, 2014

baam! our first collaboration with elastic wonder

BAAM! Whaddaya think about our brand new photo shoot collaboration with Elastic Wonder

We are just about smashed to the floor by so much beauty and color explosion... These leggings are a limited edition run and you better hurry to snatch you a pair as they're flying out of our NY warehouse! Last I checked there were only about 18 pieces left, all in different sizes.

And what about that dope sweatshirt y'all? Brand spanking new for Fall 2014 by yours truly. Get yours at they should be fully stocked by next week. 
Yes, Virgin Mary is gracing this two tone unisex neon orange fleece sweatshirt, decorated with yellow rib. You guessed right: it is the softest, warmest creation and you'll be wearing it all Winter long. (Don't even think about all the compliments you are going to get!)
So Catholic or not - this sweatshirt's for YOU.

Photo: Carl Posey
MUA: Marion Madeleine
Model: Inayah

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

It's still Summer 2014!

Indeed, it is still Summer and I can't bear the thought of it ever ending! It has been a wonderful one. It's my very first to spend here in sunny California and I hope I will be living many more... My birthday just passed too. Well, I know you are busy enjoying your special time too, where ever you may be spending your Summer, but I wanted to remind you to be consciously enjoying every minute of this wonderful time of the year, so I went back to one of our earlier shoots from this season and picked one for this post. I love the light in this one and the oh so loved palm trees lining up behind gorgeous model Arianna! It portrays perfectly the carefree vibe of California and the hippie style which is very present here. So with this, I let you go about your business and I'll go about mine... Happy Summer 2014!

elastic wonder leggings metallic lips print stretchy spandex made in USA


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