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Monday, November 30, 2009

wedding in las vegas, part 3

Sssssshhhhh! Quiet please! The wedding is going on as I type... watch as I lead in the bride to meet the groom!

Hey, we just witnessed a perfect wedding in every way... now, let's go party! In Vegas, baby!
Photography by Carl Posey.

Follow the full story from when I started designing the wedding gown all the way to this current post: The ceremony! And don't forget to check back for the visuals of the incredible after party in Vegas, coming soon!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

ella bella

A Herman Leonard photograph of Ella Fitzgerald performing at the New York nightclub Downbeat in 1948. Watching rapturously are Duke Ellington, center, and Benny Goodman, in glasses behind Ellington.

Love me some Ella Fitzgerald - yes, I am a huge fan! Listen to this: Verve just released “Twelve Nights in Hollywood,” a four-CD boxed set of Ella Fitzgerald singing 76 songs at the Crescendo, a small jazz club in Los Angeles, in 1961 and ’62 — and none of it has ever been released until now. A TREAT!

After so many multi-disc jazz boxes came out in recent years — the complete Charlie Parker on Savoy, the complete Miles Davis on Columbia, the complete Duke Ellington on RCA and so on — it was hard to believe that any significant tapes by any major musician might still be languishing undiscovered in a record company’s archives.

Yale Joel depicts Ella Fitzgerald performing in Chicago in 1958. A new four-disc boxed set on Verve captures her onstage in a small club setting.

Read the full story about the rediscovery of these life recordings of Ella Fitzgerald and listen in on some of the incredible audio samples!

This set would make a very, very neat gift, if you are still looking for one... or maybe you rather give this cool Ella Fitzgerald Skirt instead.... it's up to you - either way - you're going to be someone's coolest gift-giver, that's for sure.

...Ella Fitzgerald Skirt from the Jazz Clothing Category of the Fashion Rocks collection ...

Thursday, November 26, 2009

happy happy happy!

I am already in the kitchen, FYI.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

just another day in new york

Just another inspiring day in New York, that is. Yeap I'm back from Vegas in New York... but what happened to the beautiful weather when I left? Today the city reminds me of the cloudy, rainy days of Switzerland... wewh! Whatever. I am trying not to look out the window today and just go have fun making some new things then....

...sometimes ny looks like this...

As I now descend onto my colorful table of contents - literally - my mood gets an instant lift! I love the way fashion inspires, frankly just the color of a garment or the texture of a jacquard can change ones perception. That's how powerful fashion is.

I always thought that through dressing one best expresses him/herself, because of fashions power to inspire and it's ability to transcend moods and perception. You can basically be whoever you want!

It's kind of tough though too, just due to the fact that you can't escape it! Even if you dress like you don't care, this will transcend into how you are perceived. So basically you have to think about it. You have a choice to dress to impress or dress to express.

Oh, and see, I forgot all about the weather! By now the sun is peaking through the clouds : ) So be mindful of how you dress and enjoy this day!

Monday, November 23, 2009

lady gaga raw

After her performance last night at the AMA, Lady Gaga has my vote. When I first heard of this glam rock lady who got her name from the Queen song "Radio Ga Ga", I thought she was a new talent from England, judging by the techno dance music she was known for. Little did I know that she's a New York kid! Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, from Upstate NY.

While I simply adore her produced persona, I thought it was interesting to show this performance from NYU, years back.

Lady Gaga Raw. Great voice. She looks nothing like the produced persona that she is now, but if I may point out that she is barefoot on the piano, that may give away a little bit of where she would head later down the road. Great!

...lady gaga performs at bazaar restaurant at an early stage in her career...

Monday, November 16, 2009

celebrating madonna

The Meat Packing District in New York City is known for many things since it's not simply known for what its name suggests anymore. High fashion, yes and good food, contemporary hotel accommodation, lavish parties, exclusive clubs as well as fast cars, etc. and it is always a distinct pleasure to watch the stiletto strapped fashion models make their crooked way over the original cobblestone pavement! Yes, I've spent many nights in this neighborhood and I have discovered something else besides all this.

I always find the most compelling wall art here... murals, tags, advertising... Usually they don't last very long and if you like something, you better snap a picture right then and there, because it may be gone tomorrow and if it's still on that same exact corner you think you spotted it that last night, it will most likely be destroyed, tagged over beyond recognition... ooohhh! Ahh! That is right and guess what: I LOVE IT! I love that these spots are there for a minute, an hour perhaps and then they are gone forever! Hah!

The photo that graced my last promo postcard was taken in front of Meatpacking wall art. And so where a few other images...

... idilvice in front of wall art in the meatpacking district, nyc, photos/digital art carl posey...

These artworks have always inspired me and when Carl recently brought home the photo of this Madonna wall art/advertising (It was used to spotlight her new album "Celebration", although the portrait is obviously from the 80's and taken by photographer Herb Ritts), I nearly fainted! Wowwah!

The shock came because I currently work on some new designs for the Fashion Rocks Collection and this Madonna print makes me a bit crazy... in a very good way if you know what I mean...

Well, sorry for this "Madonna-same-photo" overdose, but I just couldn't decide so quickly which ones to post and so I posted them all. They rock! Yes, so I work with these prints and I can't wait to show off some of what I can come up with! Since - as I said - these walls exist only temporarily, we went back there one night and had a little fun with some models in front of the Madonna mural.... these images will be posted shortly, so if Madonna makes you a little bit crazy too, YOU gotta come back here soon!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

links à la mode: best of independent fashion bloggers

Imagine one of your blog post gets listed among the best weekly posts - the link roundup - of the worldwide IFB Independent Fashion Blogger network! That would be exiting right?!

Well, IdilViceFashionRocks made it (thanks, Jennine)! For the very first time one of my posts made the cut and I can tell you it feels pretty damn good! So to help you start off this brand new week with fashionable inspirations: go indulge yourself in the very best of what fashion blogging offers right now!

links a la mode

Finding what works…

Edited by Jennine

Man, editing the links this week was painful, only because there were so many fantastic posts, so be sure to check them all out in the IFB forums! This week we have loads of great interviews, a few wonderful lookbooks from our members, and had a recurring theme of personalizing style, from the DIY projects from M.I.S.S.,, Quirky Fashion, to customizing trends on Clutch 22, dramatis personae and The Art of Accessories we’re finding what works!

Links à la Mode : November 12th

Thursday, November 12, 2009

wedding in las vegas, intermission

We're not quiet ready for the wedding and the party has not started, but here are a few images documenting what went on in between photo shoots, wedding rehearsals and party planning. The Intermission:

Got to have cigarette breaks during production, yes.

Make sure you are in the moment and enjoy it!

Something you shouldn't take lightly while spending time in the entertainment capital of the world, is your wardrobe. Come on, you didn't think you could get away with sporting your same old jeans, did you?! Here - in Las Vegas - you ought to push it a little, you know? Go for a different color or add some shine. A hat? Why not?! You live only once and you are currently in Vegas! So stand out a little for crying out loud and go roll that dice!

The sad part about partying too much (is there a bad part?) is that you don't get much of a chance to enjoy your immensely fabulous living quarters... I suggest you do chill at times and just look around you...

And finally, when all the lights and nights get to overwhelming and you're kinda lost (hopefully you didn't loose all your money!), go take a walk - away from the Strip - and breath some fresh air!

...carl posey, photo by idilvice, all other photographs by carl posey
all clothing and accessories designed by idilvice...

That is Vegas too!

In case you missed Wedding in Las Vegas, Part 1 and Part 2.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

another one bites the apple

...the beatles bag from comme des garçons 2010...

Rei Kawakubo of Comme des Garçons is usually not one to follow other people or jump on running train wagons, but this time - I am afraid - she is a bit behind :0
My collection "Fashion Rocks", which combines rock 'n' roll imagery and music style with couture fashion has mutated beyond t-shirts and bags long ago and now includes the whole gamut of rock 'n' roll icons, not just The Beatles, FYI. I say this with a smirky smile on my lips!

Then again - come on! - this bag is cute enough and why should Rei not get a shot at The Beatles? Right? So I am looking forward, impatiently, to see what she'll come up with!

Über fashion reporter and patriarch Suzy Menkes from the NY Times, whom I got to meet at the T party at the Boom Boom Room during Fashion Week, forecasts a collection of bags and shirts to look more basic than inventive. Well? Again, that doesn't sound like Rei. I wonder.

Now. Only one last thought before I am moving on with my life: the repetitive logo pattern feels a bit Louis Vuitton-ish, n'est çe pas? I just hope no one bites the dust, dear!!

...grateful dead bag from the idilvicefashionrocks collection 2007...

Sunday, November 8, 2009

wedding in las vegas, part 2

You know it's gonna get freaky in Vegas, but first: Tha taaah! The Wedding Dress!

...all photographs courtesy of carl posey...

You saw me making this couture gown a couple of posts ago... it's made with sheer embroidered silk organza, which has been hand embroidered with different sized square and round sequin mirrors at the chest, straps, bottom and train. It is lined with a few layers of silk taffeta and silk satin.

The dress comes with a 2-ways-to-wear head scarf/cape, wich is made from silk organza and is also hand embroidered with large square and round mirrors. This wedding set also includes a pair of silk organza fingerless gloves and a mirror embroidered clutch! Again, please comment, comment, comment!

Although we stayed in the fabulous Bellagio Hotel, these images were created by photographer Carl Posey in the stunningly beautiful lobby hall of the Paris Las Vegas Hotel.

So, it's about time to get married!! The saga continues in one of the very next posts, where I will reveal the wedding photos taken in the Presidential Suite! Stay tuned!
In case you missed it: Wedding in Las Vegas, Part 1.

Friday, November 6, 2009

glanz und gloria

Been busy guys! Glanz und Gloria. It means "Shine and Glory" and it's an entertainment TV show on Swiss National TV which airs every day. Journalist Arthur H. Honegger (photo above and below) just filmed an IdilVice portrait (it shows my sourcing work running around in New York City's garment district visiting all my favorite fabric and trim stores!!) to air...??? Ahem, not sure when, but I will let you know ahead of time so you won't miss it ;-)

Here's a little preview of my outfit...

I just put my Sex Pistols Tunic Dress over my distressed (yeah, they're ripped too!) jeans, wrapped my seersucker cotton scarf around my neck, threw on my soft pink cotton canvas sports coat and in case it would rain (which of course it didn't, all day) I carried my vintage Burberry's coat along.... Ah and yes, you can't see the boots but FYI, and if you care, they are the white Dr. Martens. What do you think? Does this style rock or does it not?

...arthur h. honegger from sf tv...


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