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Monday, January 31, 2011

wonder woman pop's up

...The cosmetic/comic shop...

You've got exactly 10 days - until February 10th - to snatch up a Wonder Woman piece of cosmetics at the Spring Street pop up shop!

For me it's all about the “Wonder Woman” logo bearing the package designs (we already know that M.A.C. cosmetics are great). I can be a kid all over again, that's pretty darn exiting!

...becoming Wonder Woman...

Now we can all be Wonder Woman in real life!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


So the new year 2011 came upon us and yet no new post on my beloved blog until today! Well, I have been finishing up work from the end of last year (yes there are a few dresses that did not make it to the post office yet) and just basically tried to find spirited ideas for the new one. There are indeed so many things that I have to and would love to work on and I just basically have to figure out which one to do first. So prioritizing, that is what I am doing, sorting through a vast array of things to do.

I am going to be doing some web design, besides clothing design, yes. There will be a lot of new fashion design too. For example, I have a Betty Boop print in front of me that is so amazing! It's Betty as a hippie girl on a brightly colored tie dye... Carl stepped by the studio today and saw it and said: "That would make a great bag!" I have to say, yes, it would! And I think I will follow his intuition and make a bag out of it, besides the dress that I already have in mind... it'll be amazing to wear this Summer, with lots of glittery jewelry and fringes... is this going to be another Summer of Love?!

O.K. so as I do not have anything to 'show' you just yet, I wanted to at least fill you in on this new Idil Vice portrait by Carl Posey. I love it! It's my new facebook profile picture too... BTW, did you see The Social Network? Amazing! So driven! I want to see it again and again!

Carl is working on a fast forward photo slide show/film which is putting several version of this image in motion so to speak and yes, it is an amazing piece of work... will be posted shortly, O.K.?

I am wearing a vanilla cream colored button down shirt from Uniqlo under the psychedelic Jim Morrison Denim Jacket from my own FashionRocks collection. Plus I am holding over my eyes my signature Swissair eye mask hairband in royal blue.


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Just like the rare Swiss mountain flower Edelweiss - a symbol of prestige and distinction - the clothing brand IDILVICE (pronouced "Edel-vice") was born in the mountains of Switzerland and since then it's flourishing on the concrete of Manhattan and recently even in the rolling hills of the San Francisco Bay Area. However as the spelling indicates, the label is not meant to be associated with too much folkloric alpine tradition, but rather and probably in the contrary, with unconventionality. The IDILVICE label was founded in 1995 by Swiss Native fashion designer Idil from the city of Saint Gallen, Switzerland, who's foundation dates back to the 7th Century and which became famous for their quality textile products, especially embroidery textiles, which are still popular with Parisian Haute Couture designers today. In search for something less traditional, Master Graphic Designer Idil ventured out to New York City where she fell in love with American Pop Culture.