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Sunday, May 31, 2009

another girl in shorts

BTW, yesterday Lola was wearing shorts too! I'd really say this trend can't be denied. Plus, she choose a sequined version which of course are very rock 'n' roll... read my past post about how to dress like a rockstar.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

wave-gotik treffen in deutschland

...a participant of the annual wave-gotik treffen festival in leipzig, eastern germany...

As a reader of this blog you may be bored to be told - yet again - about goth style in past and present posts (goth patches, did I say goth?, dark glamour, black, blythe rocks). Then again, this may be why you are reading this blog... in any case: Of course I have got more goth for you! This time from Leipzig, Eastern Germany. Check out this participant at the annual Wave-Gotik Treffen. More than 20'000 fans of gothic art, metal music enjoy concert, theater, cinema, exhibitions, readings and parties.

Friday, May 22, 2009

shorts are pants with cut off legs

Duuhh! Yeah, in case you forgot.. but no, seriously, when have you last seen so many people sporting shorts on the street?? Shorts have been shoved to the back of our closets, if they have not been discarded altogether or sold at the last garage sale in the past years. This season you wish you hadn't. Shorts are happening.

Even I (not 25 years young anymore) have been caught wearin' em :O a recent roof top party at the philip starck building on 15 broad street across wall street I sported my light pink canvas shorts... the after party at la esquina: me with model frankie ryder...

It does not really matter what kind of shorts they are as long as the are 'short'.

We've seen all sorts of shorts:

Enjoy a long weekend in shorts!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

idil vice's homeland

Check out this travel video of Switzerland in the 1950''s my homeland! Discovered by Reto Caduff.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

go nude!

Don't worry, y'all! They're not real!! The piercings nor the nude body... it's all fake! Gain with no pain!

This body suit/sun suit is really cool. Almost exactly 10 years ago, I designed it as part of the Vice Body Culture Collection of which I will post about some more later on. I sold a few of them back then. There was also a dress version, without piercings, which was worn by a TV hosts and has caused sheer outrage by some very conservative Swiss citizens.

Vice Body Culture Fashion Show at Kaufleuten in Zuerich, 1998.

Being so busy with "Fashion Rocks" at the moment I almost did not realize that there is a sort of comeback happening with the nude suits. People from allover the world have been ordering them and I found myself pulling out the hammer, eyelets and rings again... so I just wanted to fill you in on that this "nude-thing" seams to become some kind of trend again:

Monday, May 11, 2009

the (real) day of the lords: joy division

I am a big fan of Joy Division as you know and incredibly thrilled to post these newly published images by the man who consistently photographed the band: Kevin Cummins. His private press book "Juvenes" (published by To Hell With Publishing in a limited edition of 200 - naturally completely sold out within 2 days for 200 British Pounds a pop) pushes Anton Corbijn's (Control) vision back into the arch shadows.

There are many versions of events, but then there are indisputable facts. Kevin Cummins took pictures of Joy Division from their inception as Warsaw right through until their sudden tragic demise. He lived in Manchester around the band and knew them all intimately as friends. This is not the case with the photographer Anton Corbijn, director of last year’s high-profile movie “Control”, who only actually photographed the band a couple of times. And while Corbijn’s great Joy Division imagery will always stand the test of time (that awful “Atmosphere” video apart), the photos of Kevin Cummins reveal many more sides to Ian Curtis, Bernard Albrecht, Steven Morris and Peter Hook.

Among the pictures included were these of Joy Division at the fabled Art And Furniture store on Manchester’s Chapel Walks. Here we get the chance to imagine Curtis, the JG Ballard obsessive, and band mates as if time warped to a Nineties private members club. “That place was so ahead of its time,” concurs Kevin Cummins. “The guy who owned the shop was Jonathan Silver, a contemporary of David Hockney. He had some great art in that place. I bought a framed Allen Jones screen print off him that day actually. Ian Curtis had bought his wedding suit from Jonathan’s clothes shop. His were the only places in Manc to get decent stuff and it made a great, very unrock-‘n’roll, location."

Such alternative angles on the hackneyed Joy Division myth are further revealed with the timely release of the film Joy Division, scripted by Jon Savage and directed by Grant Gee. At a talk following the first screening, Joy Division’s sleeve designer Peter Saville tactfully avoided panning 2007's Control. Offstage he’s less circumspect. “Yes, that film was not very good. It’s great there’s another better film that’s been made already.”

I just can't get enough of Joy Division!!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Star Trek

Last night I went to Battery Park Cinemas to see the premier of the new movie Star Trek. It's great! An instant classic and absolute Must-See, I am sure you heard by now... Only what is truly exceptional makes it onto Fashion Rocks Printed Skirts so needless to say: the Star Trek 2009 crew made it!!

Love Mr. Spock! The old and the new!! I really did not expect to see Winona Ryder in this movie and due to the extraordinary masks, it was hard as heck to recognize Eric Bana as Nero.... but who else can play a bad guy better than him? I was convinced of that ever since I saw Chopper.

I will add more Star Trek clothing every day now so keep checking the Star Trek Clothing Section.

In the meantime: Live Long and Prosper!

Friday, May 8, 2009

new press comes via blogs

There are 2 large boxes in my attic full of magazines and press clips waiting for...?? Can't trow them away and can't display them all! It's a dilemma. I should probably scan them and store them away on a CD Rom, but there is something about having the real thing in hand though... nostalgia? Well it's my history in glossy mags... I have not made a decision yet on how to handle that "large boxes of paper situation" and I have not even mentioned the ones filled with the tax kind :O
In any case, the days of having to store actual paper are counted.

Recently, I have been getting press in blogs and they fly in my inbox via email containing a simple, direct link. All I have to do is save them and I can easily post these in my blog:


While they save space I still look forward to the glossies... there is something about holding a magazine in my hands...

The next spread will be in Qvest Magazine and there will be something in Freundin.
Can't wait!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

design preis schweiz

In case you are wondering: I am currently working on entering the "Fashion Rocks" collection for the Design Preis Schweiz, a Swiss design competition which recognizes extraordinary works in several categories.

  • The Design Preis Schweiz is intended to highlight the importance of Swiss design.
  • Economic and cultural relevance are the features sought after.
  • In the light of top quality prize-winning work, the innovative effect of design as a business success factor will be reflected.
  • Interdisciplinary contacts will encourage dialogue between designers and companies.
  • Support will be provided for new visions, research projects and implementations in keeping with the market, enabling them to achieve breakthrough.
  • The Design Preis Schweiz both observes and makes an impression on the market, honors outstanding achievements and sees its role as that of giving uncompromising encouragement to adventurous ideas which will create new paths for the future of design.

I was nominated to design the clothing concept for the Expo'02 in the year 2000. Here are a few of my concept ideas:

I think that this concept was right on target. The Swiss Flag - a bold white cross on a fire red background - since then became a widespread logo, which adorns many products. In the years before the Expo, you would not get the feeling that the Swiss would wear that logo on their shirts as proud as they do now. In fact, a couple of years before Expo, when I designed stage outfits for the Swiss Brit pop music band Lovebugs (my cousin is playing bass with them) they refused the outfits adorned with the tinly little red logos and said they were not the nationalistic kind to wear that. Fair enough, I thought. In any case: it is now officially cool to wear the Swiss flag.

I also used a similar idea for a clothing concept I was commissioned to design for Swatch:


My photo
New York, NY, United States
Just like the rare Swiss mountain flower Edelweiss - a symbol of prestige and distinction - the clothing brand IDILVICE (pronouced "Edel-vice") was born in the mountains of Switzerland and since then it's flourishing on the concrete of Manhattan and recently even in the rolling hills of the San Francisco Bay Area. However as the spelling indicates, the label is not meant to be associated with too much folkloric alpine tradition, but rather and probably in the contrary, with unconventionality. The IDILVICE label was founded in 1995 by Swiss Native fashion designer Idil from the city of Saint Gallen, Switzerland, who's foundation dates back to the 7th Century and which became famous for their quality textile products, especially embroidery textiles, which are still popular with Parisian Haute Couture designers today. In search for something less traditional, Master Graphic Designer Idil ventured out to New York City where she fell in love with American Pop Culture.