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Thursday, October 14, 2010

decorate with contemporary art

Darren Henault's dressing room.
Alex Prager photograph, his work is in the Museum of Modern Art's "New Photography" show.

This years Kips Bay Children's Charity Decorator Show House was delayed due to some NYC style real estate conflict, but like every year it is forecasting some great decorating trends. Contemporary art was an item in several rooms - most likely resulting from designers carefully attended to relationships with galleries. Two of my favorite rooms where centered around pictorial art. Right up my alley!

Elizabeth Pyne - focusing on younger clients - made a bed-sitter covered in acqua and gold linen.

In a sitting room by Ed Ku and Etienne Coffinier, a piece by Norman Mooney, an Irish artist living in Brooklyn.

Well worth a visit! The Kips Bay Decorator Show House, to benefit the Kips Bay Boys & Girls Club, is open through Nov. 11. Cost: $30.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

fashionable sparkling water

I am a big sparkling water fan. Primarily because I really like to drink it (you can't satisfy me with sugary soda) but also to try to ward off and dilute any bad ingredients that I might take in with the water that comes through the faucet at home, which I already filter. My favorite of all is Valser Wasser, but that is exclusively available in Switzerland to the Swiss citizens and since I reside in the US, I have got to go with others, until they are importing it (they are importing Rivella, so it shouldn't be too long). But I also like to change it up. Mostly it's the kind that contain at least some per centage of calcium. I drink Perrier, Pellegrino, Blu Italy, Gerolsteiner and many more... Sure, they all taste different.

So for me, water is already very fashionable but when I saw the Missoni Pellegrino at Pastis in the Meatpacking District, I knew a new wave of fashion waters has arrived. I am pretty sure Missoni pays Pellegrino to be on their branded bottle. A nice and easy way to promote Italian fashion. Pellegrino water is available everywhere in New York and it is a healthy beverage. I wonder if we see Gucci Pellegrino or Prada Pellegrino in the near future... what about Giorgio Armani Pellegrino? Maybe Pellegrino has to pay them... Anyway, I just wanted to fill you in on maybe the most fashionable drink in Manhattan today.

Monday, October 11, 2010

chocolate as an antidote

I am Swiss and I love chocolate! Hah! Surprised? Formerly known as a sort of sin and a bad nutritional choice, it has since been categorized as one of the great antioxidants to benefit our health (at least the dark chocolate). I use it in the studio as a quick pick me up in the afternoon and as a treat before bedtime.
In my teens and beyond I favored the milky kind chocolate while my mother preferred the dark bittersweet ones, which I always thought of to be pretty close to disgusting... well times have changed and so did my palate.

Nowadays I indulge in the darkest of chocolates, the more per cents of cacao the better! When I got wind of the Antidote Chocolate that my colleague Red came up with, all I wanted was taste it.

My opportunity came last week when Red announced the launch of Antidote Chocolates:

At the launch from left to right: Awa Kamara, Red Thalhammer, Nadine Buchler, Armando Forlin and IdilVice.

After tasting the 5 different kinds of flavors, I give the Antidote brand a thumbs up!

Antidote chocolate is made with raw and roasted organic cocoa, for a full aroma profile and potent health benefits. The 84% dark chocolate bars are flavored with dried fruits, flowers,spices and nuts. Named after Greek goddesses with the spirit to relieve body, mind and soul. Check out the different flavors! What's your favorite?

Friday, October 8, 2010

seriously, all you need is love

John Lennon Tunic Dress from the Fashion Rocks collection by IdilVice, photo by Carl Posey.

You know all you need is love but if you absolutely have to have something else, then maybe, how about this cool John Lennon tunic dress? An exclusive limited edition. More John Lennon clothing designs! Peace & Love.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

too cool for school

Fall's here and kids are back to school. Fashion Week has passed and it's time to exchange summer clothes for fall and winter styles in our closets. Here is my tip on where to go style wise right now: Preppy is cool! I've included some university crests in the IdilVice skirt collection: Yale, Harvard, Brown University, Penn State and more - They are fun and so easy to accessorize!

In a snap you've got yourself a whole new look for fall! Take a crisp bow tie button down shirt (will work with so many other looks this season) under a blazer, a high boot (you can wear the one from last season) and some color accents will work just fine to bring this look together. Too cool for school maybe.... but just right for the streets - Check out preppy!


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