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Saturday, September 18, 2010

lady gaga the new liberace?

To be honest with you I never thought about it, but when I heard that the Liberace Museum in Las Vegas is closing next month and the reasons given for it's demise, among others, were general loss of interest and the fact that Vegas has to keep up with the 21 year olds, comparisons were made to Lady Gaga. Lady Gaga is the new Liberace! Well, sort of I think. There are many similarities. The piano, the showmanship... they both know how to go to extremes and they love to shock, each within his/her generation. So it's only natural that when we are looking towards our own Liberace (Lady Gaga), the original one is slowly forgotten...

...Liberace and his Emmy's...

I remember the Liberace Museum in Vegas, it was one of my very first encounters with American Pop Culture. I surely was impressed by all the glitz and glamour and all at once it was clear to me that here in America, one can go this far, his/her own way and I thought that was simply amazing. Talk about inspiration! There it was right there.

Not only did Liberace have rhinestones on his wardrobe, he had cars covered with it!

For me Liberace has therefore a special place in my heart and nobody can take his place. The idea that Lady Gaga is the new Liberace is exiting, as she is showing new generations what is possible and continues the history of pop culture!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

nyc fashion night out look

Ahhhh, it's been crazy lately in the NYC, especially with Fashion Week underway, it's bustling in the town and everybody is looking his/her best. So the recent Fashion Night Out event left us wishing that this way of celebrating style and fashion would happen more often. Once a year? It's a good start but certainly not enough to get folks back into the stores... Anyway, we had a blast (my favorite stop was Issey Miyake in Tribeca) and Carl is developing his images of that night and we'll be seeing more soon but here is one of myself and my outfit of the night that I really like.

...IdilVice Fashion Night Out NYC, photo by Carl Posey...

We'll also be seeing The Swiss Federal Design Price winner of 2010 Armando Forlin, who is currently in NYC enjoying his 6 months in the Big Apple. How exiting!

Friday, September 3, 2010

e-40 and björk?

I just was told about this E-40 video “Spend The Night” and was surprised and pleased to hear Björk's voice mixed in with all these male rap voices... can you believe this? Quiet a mix! Makes me wanna spend the night, right?

Thursday, September 2, 2010

mother teresa or womans rights and how fashion saved a day

...Mother Teresa supporters in front of the Empire State building in New York City, August 26th...

It's pretty hard to imagine that one would have to decide between Mother Teresa or Womans Rights. What?! But that is exactly what happened on August 26th. New Yorkers had to decide weather the Empire State building should light up in red, white and blue (honoring the adoption of the 19th Amendment to the Constitution of American womans right to vote from 90 years ago) or prefer the colors blue and white (Mother Teresa's missionary order colors seen on her gown) to celebrate another 26th of August, 100 years ago, when Mother Teresa was born.

Well New Yorkers did not literally have to decide (it's not like we can ever vote for which colors are lit), but they had to make up their minds on which side they would be on, in case someone asked. Mother Teresa's 100th birthday or the woman voting rights law anniversary. Sheer craziness!

It is safe to assume that Mother Teresa would not have wanted a controversy and I think woman in general rather make a compromise in place of arguments (maybe... or maybe not?) As a matter of fact, the Empire State was lit in red, white and blue that night. To add some balance, I pulled out my red & white Mother Teresa outfit. Have a look...

...IdilVice fashion show featuring the Mother Teresa outfit in red & white...

Mother Teresa comes to mind, even though the colors are not the original missionary order colors, so maybe colors do not matter that much after all anyways.

...IdilVice wearing her red & white Mother Teresa outfit on August 26th...

Wewh! Fashion saved this day!


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