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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

tavi love

Yep, yep, yep... it's Tavi on the cover of L'Officiel! I remember that this was one of my favorite mags back when I was living in Switzerland, similar to Vogue Italia, it had it's own style and mind... it was mostly a great buy.

So now Lori Goldstein, the uber stylist whose latest accomplishment includes that she is fashion editor of W magazin, (well done 'mam) who did the styling on Tavi and who famously used some of my tops and dresses in the photo series 'THE KIDS' with photographer Steven Meisel for Vogue Italia in the year 2000 (gosh, how fast time passes) recently posted a link to this L'Officiel cover and it impressed and made me happy just as it must have Lori.

It's just such an honor to know that SHE picked my stuff for the KIDS shoot! In my opinion she just seemingly easily pulls a look together and makes it HER OWN... she's really a pro at it, hence the jobs she is getting from the worlds top magazines! Well, this new cover now gives me an opportunity to dig out the pics of the Vogue Italia shoot, 2000, photographed by - ahkheam - Steven Meisel, yet another incredible person to have shot my stuff by - Wew - How lucky am I?!

Aladdin Dress by IDILVICE, Vogue Italia 2000, Photo Steven Meisel

Mickey Mouse Disney Cropped Blouse by IDILVICE, Vogue Italia, Photo Steven Meisel.

'Boys Night Out' Patchwork Sweater Top by IDILVICE, Vogue Italia, Photo Steven Meisel.

Today, when Fashion Bloggers are looked upon for influence and inspiration, cast in commercials and prominently seated in the front row of fashion shows, it comes as no surprise that a major magazine would put one of them on the cover!

But it is not just one of those bloggers, it is Tavi, who is the young writer of a blog called Style Rookie. J'ADORE. Thanks Tavi and Lori for makin this all look so good :) today and yesterday...

Friday, September 23, 2011

last days 10% off katy perry fashion

10% Off Katy Perry Sale Advertising

Indeed, the last days to snatch one of our new Katy Perry fashions for a cool price are upon us...

- The Katy Perry California Dreams 2011 Loose Sweater, normally $150 - now $135
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But these deals won't last more than a couple of more days, so shop now!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

kid rock rocks

You all know the cool Kid Rock "Kiss My Anglo Saxon Ass" Dress from my collection. It's actually one of my bestsellers. The gold foil enhancement on the sunnies and the bling make it extra special and the positioning of the x-rated slogan (which by the way has been removed once for a customer, who said that she would rather not have that printed on her buttocks, and I complied as an exception) is so exiting!

Anyways, the dress is nearly sold out by now, I think I have 1 or 2 pieces in XS and S left, but that fact and the resulting useless promotion of it, did not keep me from showing you the promo images Kid Rock has recently published - They are HOT! Love the chicks in those cut-out gold lamé bathing suits.... and what about these afro's?!

It is so nice to see the rest of the image in retrospect! I always adored the pic of Kid and obviously many of my customers did also, but it rocks that the extension of the image is so incredible hot too!

Well, I thought Kid Rock rocked before, but now I think Kid Rock rocks even more!

Friday, September 9, 2011

ny fashion week 2011

Everybody is ready for NY Fashion Week!

The Independent Fashion Bloggers Conference at Milk Studios rocked and yesterdays Fashion's Night Out was a blast! I concentrated on the area around Tribeca, I was not crazy enough to head uptown or even attempt to catch a cab, but even in the dark ally's of Gotham City's Downtown it felt like Halloween, except more fashionable of course...

Now it's the second day of shows and Anna Wintour seams to be everywhere, at Roger Federer's US Open matches and always readily perfectly styled in the front row of every fashion show at Lincoln Center or elsewhere... How does she do it??!

André Leon Talley wears Louis.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

sound suits nyc

On April 5th in 2009 I told you about the Chicago sculptor Nick Cave and his Sound Suits... well, here we go: Nick opens not one but 2 shows in New York City!
Here's the interview by Dirty Mag.


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