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Saturday, January 30, 2010

one female designer in a man's world

Men's fashion is on! Even I have just announced the launch of the Fashion Rocks Men Collection. Men's fashion - and woman's by the way - is dominated by male designers, that is a fact. It's therefore all the more refreshing to see my feminine self featured among some high profile male designers such as Jean Paul Gaultier, John Galliano, Paul Smith and Kenzo in this People Magazine type Swiss National TV show from just a couple of days ago. See for yourself:

Sunday, January 24, 2010

jeremy scott and idilvice

Yes, Jeremy is a buddy of mine as well as a very talented colleague (we've even got the same best friend: Cory Kennedy). I adore him and it happens that we frequently have a similar vision. We both favor color and share a love for pop art and prints for once, but there are other similarities, such as the fact that we consistently try to see fashion from a different angle. But how did he gain access to my look books from the past?!

IdilVice Mickey printed cropped blouse, featured in Vogue Italia, 2000, in a photo shoot by Steven Meisel.

Lady Gaga in a Jeremy Scott outfit in 2009.

A Mickey show piece from the IdilVice Spring '98 show in Zürich. Swiss/Turkish Singer Emel coming down the runway wearing a skirt on a roll held by 2 mini Mickey "servants", dressed in the same Mickey print outfits and sporting Mickey ears. The umbrella had Mickey ears!

There you go. You see what I am trying to get at. Not only do we favor the same icons, we do love a concept in addition. Hey Jeremy, I won't hold a grudge, you've been and always will be a hero to me. Unless of course you keep on steeling my ideas, honey, even if they are from the past, tz tz tz...

...I'm hanging out with Cory Kennedy, a friend of both me and Jeremy...

Well, of course I know, you my dear reader, you don't love "bashing posts", - we have barely passed the freedom and peace promoting MLK post - but they will have to keep coming as the battles of the designers are only getting more heated. And I like to get credit where credit is due (thanks to the Internet we now have the opportunity to spotlight steals such as this one). But I promise, I'll keep these things short and move right on along to design my next "copy-worthy" product.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

mlk photo skirt sweep

For an entrepreneur like me, nothing is better (and cheaper!) advertising than to be re-tweeted, linked from or to or re-featured to ignite a viral infection of any of your posts or press releases! This happened to the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Photo Skirts I featured on Monday, MLK Day. They are now completely sold out - A clean sweep!

I can "blame" a few cyber activists for this result. One of them is etsystalker.

Monday, January 18, 2010

rev. dr. martin luther king jr. day

Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta, Georgia, today. Photos by Carl Posey.

Let's celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. day! As we do every year here on the IdilVice blog. But now we have an African American president. When Barack Obama was elected in November 2008 and then sworn in in January 2009, many have seen it as MLK's dream finally coming true and in a way it was.

MLK Statue in front of Browns Chapel in Selma, Alabama, today. Photos by Carl Posey.

Dr.King's Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta, Georgia, today. Photo Carl Posey.

I remember the feeling of joy, sheer disbelieve and tears of happiness of so many that election day. I was up in Harlem that day and I won't forget it. There is much work left to be done however. Still a long road ahead.

The Jefferson Davis Highway, US Highway 80, where civil rights marchers trudged along on their way to Montgomery, Alabama in 1965, today... Photo Carl Posey.

...and in 1965.

Rosa L. Parks Ave today... (photo by Carl Posey)

... and Rosa L. Parks being fingerprinted in 1965 after her refusal to move to the back of the bus, which touched off the bus boycott of Montgomery.

How things were then... things are today, photo by Carl Posey.

"They say that freedom is a constant struggle..." A quote of Bob Mants, Lowndes County, Alabama, resembles the truth. Photos by Carl Posey.

I am trying to do my part. I designed some civil rights fashion so that we can keep the dream alive every day, today and in the future! MLK Life Cover Skirt, Malcolm X Skirt, MLK "I Still Have A Dream" Skirt.

Friday, January 15, 2010

carl posey shop

It was only going to be a matter of time until I persuaded photographer Carl Posey to open up an online shop, and guess what people? It has happened! The shop is open and you can now own a piece of history. Be it in the fields of music, celebrities, portraits, documentary, art, pop art or fine art, it's accessible to you in a click.

...slick rick portrait photo by carl posey...

Check it out and make sure to check back on a regular basis, because we are adding cool Carl Posey branded products daily. In the works are more framed art, posters, greeting cards, fashion for woman and men, T-shirts and more!

...tha alkaholiks at keith haring's pop shop photographed by carl posey...

While Carl is shooting assignments and working on his blog, I am designing some really cool clothing which will be the platform for some of my favorites Carl Posey images (it's an exclusive cooperation between two artists), my favorite so far is the Biggie Notorious BIG dress, it's cool beyond comprehension! The iconic picture, which was exhibited at the Whitney Museum of Art in a show curated by Thelma Goldin, shows Biggie surrounded by his posse, holding a gun to his comrades head while donning a hyper-mad expression - knowing the rappers tragic fate - is mind boggling and in my book an absolute Must-Have!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

the future of fashion

I am currently partaking in a great discussion on Linkedin about the future of the fashion market:

Is today's fashion consumer driven more by discounts or does unique, quality product still have a chance to sell at regular retail prices?

With fashion retailers and wholesalers dealing with a difficult global economy, increasing the challenge to move inventories, have they educated the consumer to seek out or wait for "the deal" and only buy off price, or is it just that there isn't much exciting being offered to entice consumers to spend at regular prices?
In today's fashion market there are more brands than ever before, but you could probably count on two hands the number of truly unique styles being created and offered by most brands.
It probably doesn't help that most brands are available at places like Century 21, TJ Maxx,, etc. for up to 75% off...all year long.
Have fashion brands and retailers created this dilemma?

Read all these interesting comments and comment yourself - I did!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

elvis herselvis

...elvis herselvis (leigh crow) performing in san francisco, photos by carl posey...

At first I though it was a joke when Carl told me about "Elvis Herselvis", a supposed female Elvis impersonator from San Francisco. "Yeah O.K., how good can she be?", she sure ain't gonna be toppling over El Vez (one of my favorite Elvis impersonators, a Mexican American, who's show I watch here in NY every year around X-mas time) or - mind you - Elvis himslevis (a.k.a. Elvis Aaron Presley), well that would be an impossible task, knowing that he is THE undisputed King of Rock 'N' Roll.

Once I took a good look, I realized that I had yet more Elvis content for my blog. It's Elvis b'day week and I don't mind to "elvisoverdose".

...elvis herselvis portrait by carl posey...

The inimitable Crow still performs as Elvis Herselvis on occasion as well sings, acts and performs regularly; including performing with the all female rockabilly band called The Mighty Slim Pickins. She says: "Straight men are very intimidated by a woman impersonating Elvis. It is one of the last bastions of masculinity - the right to "do" Elvis. I personally think he was very queeny, in the 1950’s he wore make-up and pink, on stage when that was unheard of behaviour for a straight man."

Elvis Herselvis identifies as a "Female Elvis Impersonator" and "Drag King" and has been evoking the King of Rock and Roll for several years. "Elvis Herselvis & the Straight White Males" were one of the most original and innovative Elvis impersonation acts, recalling Elvis Presley with her sensuous vibrato, while wiping the sweat from her brow with the panties of devoted fans. The performer even "satirizes Elvis impersonators and includes in her act a discussion of Elvis's drug problem and sexual proclivities." Crow's uncanny portrayal has made her a popular entertainer in the alternative cabaret circuit in America. In 1993, she also toured Australia. by carl posey...

And so we keep loving, celebrating and impersonating Elvis... even if we are female.

Friday, January 8, 2010

best of elvis

Happy Birthday Elvis! To celebrate The King of Rock 'N' Roll's special day, I'll dish out the best IdilViceFashionRocks Elvis Clothing designs that I've done in the past few years. A retrospective of Elvis tribute fashions and accessories of sorts - Elvis galore - in one exclusive post - with photography by Carl Posey - heya! - That's gonna be a lot of fun!

...elvis/levis logo stretch satin bustier top worn with elvis dance graphic slacks, photos by carl posey...

You're in Memphis? Step by Graceland and pose in front of the famous gates! Or anywhere else in the world? Enjoy the Elvis Fashion Show right here: "Ta taaa!" As an additional tribute and to get you in a swingy mood, I added my favorite Elvis song to the IdilVice play list this week, enjoy!

Now that's how you celebrate the king! I have a feeling you can't get enough of Elvis - who can?! - just stop by the Elvis Clothing Category or gaze over some Elvis sketches and drawings for more inspiration. But now, a little less talk and more fashion please!

...elvis dance graphic slacks worn with elvis/levis logo stretch satin bustier top...

...elvis rockabilly petticoat skirt, photos by carl posey...

...idilvice wearing the elvis portrait sweater and moschino wool slacks, photo by carl posey...

...elvis hawaii gown, photos by carl posey... of a kind elvis us army photo gold lame dress (private collection), photo carl posey...

...elvis skinny stretch satin rouched pants, photo carl posey...

...elvis day glow gipsy dress (left), elvis green portrait skirt (right)...

Elvis lives in my pop art photo fashion line. Read more Elvis posts.

Monday, January 4, 2010

happy new millennium

A Happy New Year 2010 everybody! I like how 2010 looks. And feels so far. The numbers looks so futuristic.

I think we are indeed finally transitioning into the New Millennium. Foods are getting healthier (ever seen a Pepperidge Farm loaf without artificial color, flavors and preservatives and no high fructose corn syrup, lots of fiber and lower sodium, spiced with natural sea salt?) This is 2010 ladies and gentlemen and we don't take s***t anymore. Companies are quickly turning things around and cater to the new found consciousness.

It also seems like we are at least trying to cut emissions and save the globes trouble with warming. Affordable health care may be soon available for everybody in America... but we are all still trying to understand exactly what else is happening and changing and where it's all heading. For what it's worth, even I am struggling to find my way. But there, I do see a light at the end of the tunnel!

I see how we are going to find our way through all the commotion, uncertainty, hardship and of course the billions of tweets and comments and email messages and we'll even soon be a able to navigate prominently and confidently that ever changing world, the internet. It's here to stay and we better figure out how it all works and what it offers and how we can make a use of it. Now.

So I am happy to say: Welcome to the New Millennium and Happy New Millennium to you!


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