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Saturday, October 31, 2009

of wicked witches and live serpents

Waiting for the wedding pictures? In case you do: Relax, they're next! Just a tad of wickedy patience please, while Halloween is mercilessly knocking on our doors today!

All this month I was spellbound by this really charmed, effort full, über-creative October issue: Martha Stewart Living. The Magic of Fall.

I am already a fan - and a subscriber - but I am now officially haunted. These meticulous, beautiful, into the tiniest detail mischief-ish decorated glossies tell a story of a wicked good time!

Where you also wondering what happened to the November issue (Thanksgiving) of "Living"? It's recipes are unfinished and lack the usual inventive nature you come to expect. I think Martha spent all the money on this October issue, that is why. Scary? But I much rather have one heck of a toxic good issue instead of two poisonous lame ones. Well done Martha!

Make more faces! Happy Halloween mere mortals!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

wedding in las vegas, part 1

Just so you know: What happens in Vegas does not stay in Vegas. Never ha, ha! Of course not, because people talk, people take pictures and before you know it, the whole wide world knows what you did in that town!

But whatever. You are in for a treat! Let me explain. Most people dream of a wedding in Vegas. Some people are lucky enough to get married in Vegas and some just get to go along! Yessssha! - I was a chosen one! It sounds like cookies and cream to you, but it was not that easy. I took an assignment.

I was to design and tailor a wedding dress for the bride and the outfit for the groom. I got paid. And I was going to soon go on a really nice ride, but first, I had to do some work!

So what were Mimi's dreams of the dress for that most special day in her life? I flew to Switzerland for a meeting to try and find out. I showed her some ideas and we brainstormed around a bit. The same ritual, except shorter and much more focused went on with the groom, Greg. He pretty much knew what he wanted: something cool, with special details, tailored but easy, maybe with a hat. He mentioned that he wanted to wear his sneakers. O.K.!?

The next step here would be the drawing table and it was. Many sketches later I snatched the O.K. to go ahead. Sourcing the actual material from an idea (mirrored sequence?! White on white embroidered silk?!) can be tricky but in NYC's Garment District you can find pretty much anything. And so I did!

Before I go further, I would like to ask this question: Why is one of the most important parts of fashion, it's process needed to exist and come to life, its production so invisible? Who do you think makes these outrageous looking Haute Couture creations??! The good Samaritans? A Magician? No, you can't just shove all the ingredients into an oven and expect them to come out done... they have to be assembled. Meticulously, patiently, stitch by stitch, with a lot of sweat and sometimes even injuries, like small cuts and strains, etc. but let's not go there!

Let's for once, very unglamorously put a spotlight on how these garments and yes, even pretty wedding gowns are made:

My Bernina Artista sewing machine helps!

...all photos by Carl Posey...

O.K. so let this marinate for a while and soon, in one of the very next posts, I will reveal the finished product! And guess what? You are going to go on for the ride with me: A Wedding In Las Vegas! Stay put!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

become your rock idol

Not only can you wear your rock idols on a skirt or a dress in 2009, now you can even wear the t-shirt that those exact icons were wearing back in the day! Hey! The guys at (sorry the tees are definitely not free), but they look fab worn with Fashion Rocks skirts!

O.K. so let's get all fan-wearish for a minute: Debbie Harry wore this t-shirt in 1977.

Now you wear this t-shirt with a Debbie Harry Skirt and you are close to about 89% Deborah Harry ;-)

That's most probably closer than you've ever been Debbie Harry before and as close as you might ever get. Cool ey? Let's do the same mathematics with Joey Ramone!!!

Joey Ramone wore this t-shirt in 1975.

Now you wear this t-shirt with either one of these Ramones Skirts and you are about close to 89% Joey Ramone.

That's most probably closer than you've ever thought of being Joey Ramone before and as close as you might ever get. You know the story... but this is 2009 and this is how far Tribute Wear has come.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

sweet anticipation

Past feelings and thought processes can seem unreal, disconnected or simply overrated if looked over years later, have you experienced that?

I am now living and working in these United States of America since the year 1992, well rather, that was when I first put my pretty little feet onto this gravel, it took a couple of years for me to figure out how to live and work here, but putting details aside, it was 1992. That's 17 years ago honey and soon it'll be 18.

So from almost a fifth of a Century ago, here is a picture of me put "en scene" in 1992, a time when I already visited New York once and knew I was going to live there. So it was in sweet anticipation that I made this self portrait. I think it is adorable how much work I put into it, dressed as Wonder Woman - note the apples on my head and the big apple bag - "Just how sweet is it that they call New York the Big Apple?" - must have been what I was thinking...

And you guessed right, that is King Kong in my hand! Handmade by Jack Fäh a fellow from my hometown St. Gallen who was good at these kind of things. All that was missing was the skyline and sure enough I managed to paint that mural... I have a masters in graphic design, in case you didn't know. So yeah, that was done in a snap!

And all this because of a little sweet anticipation about moving to New York City - It's grand!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

best look of the week

Although the week is not finished just yet - sorry - here's the best look of the week for you: Yet another Kiss look! I spotted this tiny girl with long bleached tresses who managed to twist and tie an old Kiss T-Shirt to fit her small chest and had to give it to her. I thought she paid a nice tribute to the band with this look!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

siouxsie and the banshees skirt

I love to see the photos after a shoot. Nowadays a rough edit may be available basically the next day, unlike just a few years ago, when we had to wait for weeks to get the mere proof sheets! I couldn't do that anymore, much to spoiled by now by the quick turnaround of the digital world! It really works out for the blog too, instant content, just as we like it!

So here another shot from yesterdays shoot: The Siouxsie And The Banshees Punk Skirt. I'd say: "Go for it!"

pink and the other colors

I wanna buy this vanilla colored 1976 Ford LTD Laundau - if you know what I mean...

...and I can't get enough of my purple Kiss Pants combined with my pastel, washed out pink blazer - just perfect to balance both colors out...

..yes, this was me tonight after a long day of photo shooting in the windowless photo studio. i did not have anymore smiles left...

..and heck yeah: I love my new Pink Skirt, which is black and was shot this weekend y'all!

It's not listed yet, but we will get this done tomorrow... man, I am real tired and have got to go to sleep now - Tschüss!

Friday, October 9, 2009

my metallic manicure

That's my current nail look - Don't be jealous! I think these new Minx Nails are quiet stunning combined with flashy jewelery - I had to have them! Just like the matte black nail polish when it came out earlier this year... A flexible polymer is heated then applied to nails...almost like a sticker. These get-noticed metallic nails are a mess free, green alternative to nail polish. I love them paired with my glam rock Kiss clothing!

...they work extra ordinarily well with my kiss skirt for example...

photoshop disaster

Ah, ha! I should mind my own business, but since I just bitched about the shabby baggy Ralph Lauren denim overalls, that were absolutely nothing new, it's only natural for me to wonder why do his models need to be this skinny? To fit those baggy pants?!

You think I'm kidding but I'm not: This is the brand new Ralph Lauren ad. Ralph admits that they did go a few steps to far in Photoshop retouching. Obviously! who commented on it: "Ralph Lauren opens new outlet store in the Uncanny Valley. Dude her head is bigger than her pelvis!" got in trouble and sued by RL.

What a world! But you didn't think you could believe what is said nor what you see, did you?

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

the o.g. j.p.g.

I know the G stands for G-spot, the official name of the lingerie ridden Spring collection of master Jean Paul Gaultier (Yes, I have interned there). But I interpret it as O.G., Original Gangster, because that's what he really is, in fashion, it's understood. Yes, he's the best.

Looking at his current collection which just passed over the runway in Paris, there are so many of his previously used details and ideas, even dating back to the Madonna collaborations which turned out the pointy bras, but everything is a heck of lot more subtle! My man! the orange and white...

I need them tights. With sheer and opaque graphic blocks and stripes! Plus, gimme that sexy denim overall! Stunning! Much more inventive than Ralph Lauren's dusty old barn versions, which carry absolutely no original, exiting new detail whatsoever. can work this...

Those denim skirts are essential too - finally - a long skirt you can walk in! The corset denim jacket is equally a Must-Have.

Thanks for bringing back the Doc Martins boots.

Clothing you wanna wear.

O.G. J.P.G.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

what you could do with tulle

Here's a little treat from my outstandingly cool and creative super colleagues Victor & Rolf:

Voila! It's what you could do with tulle, mes chères...


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