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Monday, September 1, 2008

damien hirst got punk'd

Yes, we all don't want punk to be dead and we all wish a time as true to itself as this, will come back soon as we could use a fresh and free movement that has no boundaries, but here's the awful truth my dear readers, you can't fake the real thing, I mean it undermines the whole point of the punk movement NOT to be fake and NOT to be commercial.

So here is this tale I have been hearing about fake punk gear, supposedly from Sex + Seditionaries, the boutique founded by McLaren and Vivienne Westwood, circulating the art market.

I can't help but NOT feel sorry for the dumbish museums and galeries as well as Damien Hirst, who went ahead and bought that fake stuff up for about $200'000.- on the internet. As if someone actually owning the genuine items would get rid of them...?!

Someone greedy with an eye and knowledge of the real thing, created distressed punk clothes and put it on the market. An asshole yes, but the ones that bought it even more. This example is a sign of the time and really shows that punk IS dead, as at this rate it cannot come back even if it wanted. Thanks to dummsies like these...

So let me finish the story, Damien was planning to put the collection on display until Mclaren declared the bounty to be fakes. Thanks goodness, Malcom! Thanks for saving us a punk exhibition, which would have undoubteldly been hard to take in it's commercialism.

Damien you're a punk, but not a geniune one! You miss the point and you put shame on our generation (aren't you one of the most successful artists of our time?) as you wanted to sell us out by exhibiting clothes from a subversive movement a few decades ago that garnered such high prices! Shame on you!

Punk still exists in it's pure form, yes, sometimes it still lives in a personality here and there, but only in a few places, genuine relics? Mostly right at home of a punk, at his home in the cellar.

I for once took a picture of my original (and originally distressed by actually wearing it) The Damned shirt, and I won't sell it to you Damien.

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