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Friday, November 23, 2012

we don't have a 80% off sale

Hi :)

and Happy Thanksgiving to all of our American customers!

Chances are this is your first blog post NOT advertising a Black Friday sale (Or your first newsletter NOT advertising a Black Friday sale).

We think that's cool. Yes, that's right. We're NOT having a sale. We pride ourselves to be individualists. That also means we like to have sales when others don't. We certainly won't have them because everybody else has them. And to be frank, we could not afford to sell our clothing at 80% off - no way!
You heard right. Going sale percentages are 50%, 75% even 80% off... as witnessed by IDILVICE herself recently at a mall on 34th Street in Manhattan (header image). A 10-15% off sale or even 25% off won't do any longer.
Have you asked yourself why in the world are they offering you such low prices? Duh, the economy! But it's the economy because most items on local shelves nowadays are imported from China and from other faraway places, not made in local factories, which employ your neighbor or maybe yourself. That's why. But you already knew that. Yet, you keep buying those cheaply made items, which do absolutely nothing to save your beloved world and your beloved America. In the contrary, you are aware that the little money you spend will keep China afloat but will eventually bring America down. If that's what you want...?

Instead you could save that small change and make it become a larger sum, which will allow you to buy a quality American made product, which supports your dream! Or, do something altogether different with your money. Don't buy anything, give it to someone in need.

This way, you will soon see your favorite American products on sale again in an economy that's booming...

Here's a little
history on Fashion Made In America: More than 3 years ago, The New Yorker Magazine published an article (with newly elected First Lady Michelle Obama - herself a noted supporter of American Made Fashion - on its cover), which focused on 'Made In America' products. IDILVICE Fashion was mentioned in it along with the few local designers, such as Oscar De LaRenta and Anna Sui, left being manufactured in New York City. Read the article now! The writer and publishers already saw back then were we would be with this in 2012 and beyond. Designers like Oscar De LaRenta, Anna Sui and IDILVICE, do not have 80% Off sales in 2012 and neither will they in 2013.

In 1950, nearly a
third of employed Americans worked in factories. In 2009, it was about ten per cent. I suspect today it's less than that.
No time for sadness. Are you with us? The best times are yet to come!

And in the spirit of always ending on a good note, what are we looking up to when we are not as strong as we would like to be? Heroes and heroines. Love. Family. Although this is not the latest Hollywood release, we think Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark from The Hunger Games embody the perfect heroes for times like these, ridden by super storms and financial crisis. May their strength and love for each other bring you hope this season! 

As always, new items are added daily! Check out the New Arrivals
So remember what we've talked about and what it actually takes for bringing America back. It's all in our own hands and every time we buy, we vote for what kind of America we want to have. With these thoughts, we are sending you into the beautiful holiday season and are certain that the best is yet to come!

Happy Holidays!



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