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Friday, February 8, 2008

february day in ny (fashion week)

Yes, just so you know Obama is still in the race and has more money that Hillary - watch out!

It's a gray day here in New York and it's New York Fashion Week, Mercedes mind you. As you all know, I do not have a show this year, at least not during Fashion Week. I am preparing for my planned show "Fashion Rocks" in Zurich this Spring/Summer. Here a preview of it:

Now, I don't want to bring NY Fashion Week down, because it is after all one great vehicle to produce sales and promote our honorable businesses. But I don't think, as of right now, that I can benefit enough in order to justify spending that kind money. I need to buy supplies to make new pieces, bid on display mannequins for my new shop, place orders on amazon for reading material about new web technics, send a check to my web designer, etc. etc.

Because - let me tell you how I have been playing the game lately - by opening up my own online shop shortly: decorating my new retail location in Hoboken, NJ and extending my presence in some of the most important "web shopping malls" ebay, dawanda, etsy I am doing a very good living!

The best part of it is I do not have to deal with the overly hard to please and reach fashion buyers (for someone in the business for 12 years that is just demoralizing and soon they be coming to knock on my door anyway) and I figure with this amazing new technology of the wold wide web at our finger tips, might as well take advantage of it! That is also why I have started to take this blog thing more seriously and plan to make it a habit of contributing to it.

My customers love the fact that they get something special that is not readily available and may even be a One Of A Kind (read the article of the JC Report about Luxury Briefing: A Brand New Era. As major brands struggle with reinvention, upstarts are nipping at their heels)!

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