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Monday, February 25, 2008

punk is not dead

I thought blogging was easy. Well, it's not! It takes a ton of time which I do NOT have. I realized that, since I started blogging, I did think more and therefore I cleared my mind (Taking time I do not have but clearing and focusing my mind? Sounds like a long-term benefit!) Therefore I keep doing it.

Have you seen Amy Winehouse on the Grammy's? Now I have hope again.

Yes, she is definitely something. Me, a designer gets inspired... there is also another person who has demanded my attention: It's MIA! She, before I knew who she was and before I heard a note of her music, "spellbounded" me with her look: cool, colorful beauty, with just the right amount of punk! Yeah!

And I don't respect her because she is now the main focus of the marc jacobs ads, (no wonder this copy cat steals her from her original fans and instantly markets her to the masses, (which kills punk, marc!), no because she truly is a style icon (and no marc you can't transfer her style sense to your business, at least not with me!) anyway, good for her, she got paid!

Just a quick note: it's an old story that big designers steal ideas from us the real creatives, as happened to me many times with my original prints which were copied by Galliano for Dior and also by Nicolas for Balenciaga... hey I have moved on...we need to just accept it: It's what they do.

Recent example:

Marc Jacobs steals scarf design from my dad!

O.K. but as I said: Let's move on from this depressive subject!

Here, which leads me back to the title of this post: Punk is not dead!

Designed by Scandic Wool Arts, a shop on a site similar to basically the European (German) version of it. This woman (name?) shop owner/knitter is inspired by her travels to Scandinavia, where she became especially smitten by Norwegian and Icelandic patterns. Needless to say her passion is knitting (30 years)! Check her out!

This hat would be swell with my new The Addicts Dress:

As I said: Punk is not dead.

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