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Friday, May 9, 2008

superheroes: fashion and fantasy

Men! I mean, Ladies! No, damnit Katie Holmes!! Look at this outfit!

Although I am not one of those scandal hungry young woman who read the gossip tabloids on their way home in the subway or anywhere else (I swear I never bought one, I just can't let myself go down that addictive, senseless path and most importantly, I'd like to be pictured in those magazines and therefore I don't have time reading them) for news on the celebs break-ups and make-ups, but only by looking at the covers every time I pay at the supermarket and have no choice but to squeeze by them very closely... I must admit, I would recognize Katie Holmes.... that sharp bob, in brownish black!

When I saw this picture of her (and Tom Cruise) walking up the stairs at the Met (Metropolitan Museum of Art, where the annual party was hosted by Anna Wintour who named this years gala “Superheroes: Fashion and Fantasy”) I held my breath, damnit Katie Holmes! Why was I not the first to pair this red dress with these fabulous deep aqua blue pumps?? She looks like a superhero. Tom, not bad either.

a shot from the inside at Met

Back in the nineties I literally shocked the people in Zurich by pairing sneakers with evening gowns on the runway, but the 2008 thing to do is a contrast color pump for sure!

Even if it was not me: Someone was ahead of Katie (or Katie's stylist) though.

Pope Benedict XVI's style recently graced America's TV screens and newspapers last month...


... looka here! The red papal shoes struck me then.

I am not religious, but those shoes made me look at the Pope as if he was a superhero, sort of!

The shoes are made by Gammarelli - the Pope's taylor - and are made of red leather. They have been worn by Popes since the times of the Roman empire. Benedict, an Aries ( just like my husb and I know what I am talking about!) known to have a very distinct style and putting a lot of emphasis into his pope look - I like that! He almost convinced me to give up my right to choose, but then, I still decided to keep it!

the Pope shop

I think his smirky smile had something to do with it! My momentary attraction to all things Pope and the new found trend in colorful shoes in the fashion - if fantasy - world!

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