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Thursday, June 12, 2008

making more waves and catching them

Since the very high temperature days (hitting over 100 F) have finally arrived I want to get back to the surfing theme as it is what I am thinking about in my - although thankfully air conditioned - crib while filling tons of orders and coming up with cool new designs, print combinations that is, but more about this on a later note... In case you wondered: yes, sewing machines do heat up a room, very much so. I am talking about home machines and industrial's....uuufhh!

As I have given away in a post before this one, I am a huge surf fan and I truly shiver when I watch movies like 1964's "Endless Summer", 1967's "Mondo Mod", 1970's "Pacific Vibrations" and so many more! It's similar with break dancing, it's something that's fascinating. I am a huge fish too - like LOVE the water - especially the ocean's salty kind, but any swimming pool with chlorine will do, of course...

...a fish, yeah!

... and posing in an idil vice bikini...

...posing with surf board on Margarita Island in Venezuela.

...these are Venezuelan surfers...

I never learned surfing though... heck, I grew up in the mountains with no ocean in sight for miles and miles... so I picked up all kinds of sports but the one that comes closest to the experience of surf is break dancing for me: The speed, the challenge, the unquestionable importance of athletisism and the seamingly lightness of being that comes with that and the fun! Oh boy! doin' the breaks!

Then there is diving. The one experience I think everyone should have in their lifetime!! Come on, are you just going to accept that you have not seen the details of one of the biggest parts of this world?? It's truly inspiring and just seemingly out of this world. All you have to do is get persuaded (think I went down there without a hint of fear: this ain't gonna happen!?) No, it's tricky and one needs to be persuaded, but it's well worth it, probably the most incredible experience of my life. about to hit the bottom of the ocean in Thailand :-0
one day I will retire there...

All these sports have inspired my collections and still do, a given, as I name life itself as one of my biggest inspiration for my clothing.

And so I am collecting all things surf and here are a few of my favorite surf postcards....

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