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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

mine are prescription glasses

I am clueless how, out of the blue, there is a whole new generation of near sighted individuals, in NYC at least. And they do favor the old movie star 1950's type bold frame my dad was wearing until around after the time I was born. But do they all contain prescription lenses like mine? As I dared to mention there may be a new generation perhaps...? We should check the water supply from Upstate New York....

These are my new glasses with transition prescription lenses.

So yes, I have been wearing glasses since I can remember, really. Styles offered at the shops change with the seasons and trends. From the perspective of a fashion designer glasses can be a welcomed style element, permitted they are in fashion at the time, or they can pose a challenge when they are not necessarily. Well right now you better be nearsighted or you've got to fake it!

When the 80's come back, outrageous glasses are not far and so when the trend started a few years back, I think Kanye West brought that frame back to the masses. Kinda ridiculous if you ask me. But Kanye ALMOST gets away with it. Emphasis on the ALMOST.

But guys! It does NOT mean YOU should WEAR them on the street!! Yes they come in all shades of color but they do look ridiculous and they do not protect you from any harmful rays.... so let's stop this already!

Go to a great glasses shop like Selima Optique NY, who has several shops across town and features really cool one of a kinds and vintage frames that are really the thing to be wearing during this trend of larger frames, which I think IS cool.

So I just wanted to share my opinion and my new frames, which I will still be changing up with all my other frames, depending on what I will be wearing any given day.
And lucky me: I never threw away my dad's old original frame he was wearing in the 50's, (never get rid of quality frames!!!) so I am right on target with these too!

me in my dad's old frames from the 50's/60's

If you are still looking for some of these frames and are not the flea market, thrift stores browsing type, check out the 90 year old NY institution Moscot on 14th street in Manhattan, they got them all brand new!

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Miss Jess said...

you look super chic with them, no doubt!


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