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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

patch trader

Hey - hopefully you are having a wonderful Summer so far :-)
I am just setting my mind to what's going to be in the shops this Fall and wanted to give a bit of a heads up of what's coming... it's hard, because I am also working on Spring Summer '09 and keeping track of late productions of this Fall's stuff - sounds crazy? Well, IT IS! - which should be available late August, beginning of September, is close to nuts! But, I've been here before and I should know what it takes, which gives me hope.

O.K. so, I have been talking to you previously about how I get all focused on collecting things that strike me at one time or another. You can't acquire everything - you don't want to be called a hoarder or a person out of touch, someone that is ignorant about the fact that one day he has got to depart this wonderful earth and therefore should be mindful not leave a whole lotta crap behind for the family to clean up and dispose of! The excuse that you are stacking up, invest in your family's future and that they will sell this stuff for 100 x more than what you've paid for, is poor...
So there is very little, only specific storing to be done and I suggest it be temporary too. By this I mean that, at one point, one should take the leap into the ice cold water and use the collection for something meaningful... there are many ways to do that and - yeap - it depends what your line consist of, dummsy!

Do not pave your front yard with your old 45's and see them crashed within a couple of days and it has not served any purpose and it was not even fun! Nooo! And don't just sell off your carefully selected porcelaine groupings of salt and pepper shakers that one faithful day when you decided to have a garage sale!! ----- No!

Do something useful with your lines and save yourself from the harsh reality that this long and careful accumulation process did not serve any purpose except that you felt compelled and maybe insired by it, o.k. I admit, there is such a thing. But still, I stress that it would be more resourceful to write a book about your gatherings of original Punk history. Make it serve the next generations for many years to come or have an exhibition of your postcard line together with your fellow collectors... wouldn't that be a swell event for the general public? Once that's done you can happily get rid of it all! Free-your-self.

Don't just sit on your special stuff in your dark chambers where no light will ever hit it. Put it in the spotlight, for X-sake!

Heeeyy! Yes, and so I will tell you what I've been doing with my beloved embroidered patch collection (there are other collections I will come up with a way to ge rid of in a cool way :-O, so we will talk later).

Indeed, I have been a very enthusiastic patch collector and trader (my absolute favorite are the girls scout and boy scout patches) for years now and you'd want to know some of these, they are great!

They will be put on a limited edition of garments and sold starting this Fall. All will be one of a kinds due to the various one of a kind patches, yes, so see I found a way to use my collection in a nice way as I share it with the world again!

... as you see, I like to mix new with old, rare with generic, again, just like with the prints I use on clothing, I care about the graphics, colors shapes and context in the big picture.

... here is another jacket...

... there will be more, no sweat! But that another time ladies... have a great night!

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