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Thursday, November 13, 2008

weird shit's happenin'

O.K. I am sure you stumbled over some crazy shit while browsing the net and me too, I've seen my share, but the shop I discovered on Etsy by chance takes a cake! Have you ever seen something like this?? Hand made somewhere in Portland Oregon, USA:

Well sure, you may say: "hey, not too bad when it's freezing outside and the winds are blowing...", but wait 'till your neighbor sees you wearing it, he/she will declare you nuts. Gone gaga! I guess it would look better with a matching hat or just "a" hat for X-sakes!

dark brown lumberjack beard

Check out the names!! I am all for unique style and individuality, and if you can ditch the system in any way, go ahead, do it, but please don't go this way... it's on the ridiculous side!

abominable snowman beard

Ha! But who am I? This Etsy seller's shop is called: "I made you a beard", that's right, you made a beard for 9 buyers since October 10th, not bad! Not bad at all! Especially at $35 -$38 a pop. Well, their 100% wool!

...and while you are at it: hangin' 'round the woods and stuff: buy a wood grain ring in silver!

'course: no offense to these very creative Etsy sellers...

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