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Thursday, March 26, 2009

broadcast yourself

"Broadcast Yourself", an new exhibition at Pratt Manhattan Gallery (April 1st - May 2nd), will address the issues of power and control extended by traditional media outlets in contrast with the do-it-yourself attitude pervasive in the tech-savvy younger generation. Symposium panelists will also speak to the impact that radio and television can have in shaping the events of our time; how artists can directly engage, challenge, or subvert the structure and authority of broadcast media; and how our culture is shaped by the actions of individuals and artists.

...sweet independence..

This is a first of it's kind show and goes for anyone. In my profession and most others, Internet-savvy kids or young adults can completely surpass any traditional methods of marketing themselves and their art or their commercial business. Do you grasp what that means?! You finally get to do and say exactly what you want and you can show and say it directly to consumers worldwide via laptop, cell phone, TV, etc.

I am waaaayyy pumped about this development because it will and has already changed the whole geography of what will be consumed and how. The younger generation is on the steering wheel and it becomes more squeaky clear every day.

Why is Barack Obama president now? Because he is a part of that new generation and he had the knowledge and the desire to change the world and he was able to be elected with the help of some of the tech geniuses of our time. It doesn't get any better than that. It shows what is possible now - let that recession end and pay back that debt (Obama still has to get it right. Why not start a whole new banking system, instead of fixing this toroughly broken one?) and this new reality will be prominent - but it is already going on no matter what. It's 2009 do you know what Analytics is??

We finally can decide our own future and become (I guess more or less) independent of the mob. So watcha wait'n for??

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