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Thursday, April 16, 2009

susie bubble style

susie bubble, photograph by nick hartley

If you have not had a chance to meet or know about Susie Bubble, you are not much of a fashionista nor are you that knowledgeable about what's happening on the fashion blog front. Without a doubt: You are missing out.

...susie posing on her balcony in london...

You can thank me now for hooking you up with this post about this ever so stylish and savvy fashion blogger Susie Bubble (a friend in primary school started calling her that, because she saw her living in her own kind of world - a bubble!). You could be a changed person after you learn about her blog Style Bubble because I know for a fact that you will be tempted to check it out weekly until you realize that she is posting in such a tempo that if you don't wanna miss too much, you should actually check in daily.

There is so much to say about Susie, here is what she says about her interests:

Interests are overrated BUT since I have to occupy my oodles and oodles of time with some kind of activity I guess I have to say shopping for all the things that make me happy: 5 pound vintage dresses, macaroons from Laduree, Amelia's magazine, Penguin Classics anniversary books, feathers and lace, shoes with a good sturdy heel and shimmery make up. I like eating anything with red beans, garlic butter and nuts (not necessarily all at once). I like seeing films that have killer lines, killer gigs, art shows with killer paintings or artists with killer instincts and all things killer. Oh, and I like looking at the sea, because the sea likes looking back at me!!

Fun - I know - but I personally think she is absolutely at her best with her own style of which she is constantly taking pictures (she claims the photographer is her BF (boyfriend??) but I have yet to see a picture of him anywhere on her blog... so....) however she does it; that picture taking; she has yet to run out of options of style combinations...

Yeap, she has a humongous closet - must have!!? At one point after London Fashion Week ((that is where the Hong Kong born - mostly mistaken for being Japanese or Korean by her fellow Hong Kong'ers - lives and works (for Dazed Digital) when she is not blogging or rather the other way around...)), being a self declared neat freak, she evaluated her outfits for each day of Fashion Week and came up with this graph:

I was impressed. It categorizes the percentages of types of sources of her clothing worn during a run of about 2-3 weeks. I think this is about the perfect balance of the mix of sources which everyone of us should have: it supports a very unique kind of look because you bring together so many different pieces. Needles to say, you should have a very good eye for things when you shop like this, and you will still have to put them together in some way.

Anyway, Susie managed and has been managing her looks just fine, see for yourself: it's about time you headed over there and check out all of her endless incredible styles and her observations of trends and any fashionable happening in London and elsewhere!

Salve Susie!
All photos courtesy of Style Bubble.


Sheryl Wong said...

I have always loved Susie... happy to see her featured on your blog ** FYI I will post about you in the next couple of days...Love your style and your writing... very nice! Sheryl Wong

idil vice said...

Thanks Sheryl! Let me know when you post so that i can link back to it... so thrilled!

simone said...

Not so sure if i like how this woman dresses. It looks too much put together and not really matching anywhere. I don't understand the way she dresses, sorry. I like the rest of your site a lot though!


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