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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

go nude!

Don't worry, y'all! They're not real!! The piercings nor the nude body... it's all fake! Gain with no pain!

This body suit/sun suit is really cool. Almost exactly 10 years ago, I designed it as part of the Vice Body Culture Collection of which I will post about some more later on. I sold a few of them back then. There was also a dress version, without piercings, which was worn by a TV hosts and has caused sheer outrage by some very conservative Swiss citizens.

Vice Body Culture Fashion Show at Kaufleuten in Zuerich, 1998.

Being so busy with "Fashion Rocks" at the moment I almost did not realize that there is a sort of comeback happening with the nude suits. People from allover the world have been ordering them and I found myself pulling out the hammer, eyelets and rings again... so I just wanted to fill you in on that this "nude-thing" seams to become some kind of trend again:


lorianne muster said...

wow, really cool stuff!

HANK said...

that's hilarious! for all those who want to enjoy a temporary piercing - you said it best: "gain with no pain"

just cool!


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