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Saturday, March 22, 2008

idil vice vintage

Hi! I was thinking about how great it is to have the opportunity to have a blog and upload whatever we want and write about what inspires us - or not - and basically in a few years have this great archive of thoughts and images about what is our passion!
And, most importantly: The whole wide world can access it and indulge, which is a far cry from the old paperback diary we used fill back in the day.

I have been in the fashion business for more than a decade now and was just reminiscing about what my blog would look like today, if I'd started it in 1994....

Well, therefore I though it was necessary to have a look back, especially since I do see many of the early 1990's trends come back with a vengeance. The whole 80's thing, (as put together by stylist Richard Shoyemi or worn by Rapper NiYi) with all the deglo colors and the "technoy" accessories? Been there done that - but I don't mean this to sound cocky or bitter - not at all - as life goes on, we realize: everything always, all the time, rotates and, although reinvented and hopefully updated, it all comes right back around, every time!

It's just like history, it repeats itself, and sometimes even the saying: "We will never learn" resonates factual in fashion... and another thing is true: Never throw away a good piece of vintage. It will be back in fashion.

Anyway, enough preaching! I won't bother you with everything at once, but will throw a few pieces in here and there and date them. After all I need to catch up with my lost years in blogging!

Disney's Aladdin spandex gold printed strap dress Idil Vice 1995.

It's me rapping (New York, NY big city of my dreams/The Message
Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five) on stage at
Kaufleuten in Zurich, 1995.

....and here some more outfits from this show dated 1995...

...o.k. 'nough said!

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Just like the rare Swiss mountain flower Edelweiss - a symbol of prestige and distinction - the clothing brand IDILVICE (pronouced "Edel-vice") was born in the mountains of Switzerland and since then it's flourishing on the concrete of Manhattan and recently even in the rolling hills of the San Francisco Bay Area. However as the spelling indicates, the label is not meant to be associated with too much folkloric alpine tradition, but rather and probably in the contrary, with unconventionality. The IDILVICE label was founded in 1995 by Swiss Native fashion designer Idil from the city of Saint Gallen, Switzerland, who's foundation dates back to the 7th Century and which became famous for their quality textile products, especially embroidery textiles, which are still popular with Parisian Haute Couture designers today. In search for something less traditional, Master Graphic Designer Idil ventured out to New York City where she fell in love with American Pop Culture.