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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

my favorite piece of clothing

idil vice shirt with bow tie

During my years of designing clothes, there is one piece that I make the most use out of. It comes back every season: THE BUTTON-DOWN SHIRT. I ask: What better frock can resolve more fashion issues at once than "The Classic Button-Down Type"?

idil vice shirt with embroidery

Most of the time it is made from woven 100% cotton (stay away from polyester and such - unless it's a rare and unbelievable cool vintage), some are even upgraded with the softest weave called Pima.

vintage shirts in fashion

The button-down, button-up or button-front Shirt (The analogous garment to a men's dress shirt for women is a blouse but I like to call mine "shirts", "blouse" sounds a bit "old-lady", and that is NOT what I am aiming for) is the most comfortable piece that also makes you look swell and well dressed in an instant.
You are tired, did not get enough sleep? Just put on a great crisp white and gone are the visible signs of exhaustion!

idil vice in one of her favorite shirts

idil vice bow tie shirt with "Oh!" embroidery

a cool wide version by luise markey as seen on style bubble

A shirt also looks great under almost everything... a T-shirt, a v-neck sweater, a crew-neck sweater, a sports coat, a blazer, etc. and it looks great with almost ANYTHING: Jeans, slacks, skirts, shorts... you name it!

girls who like their own styles

idil vice wearing her shirt underneath her waxed denim top

I personally go nuts for great button downs and do hoard them (some of my favorite basic shirts, besides my very own, are from agnes b). There is nothing wrong with a everyday white button-down shirt, I use them on regular days and wear them for work (and I am NOT a banker).

Below are a few variations of shirts which are sure to give you a lift!

idil vice mickey mouse cotton s/s shirt & idil vice pima bow tie shirt

two idil vice "Mother Teresa" style panel shirts with variations

idil vice powell perlta bones skateboard outfit feat. a white shirt
idil vice patchwork shirt w/ James Dean and Marilyn Monroe

two idil vice police/military inspired versions of shirts

idil vice Monroe tribute button down pima shirt with separate pink satin tie

a button-down detail by baron baronne as seen on style bubble

Oh well, I hope you enjoyed the shirt tribute edition! I am working on a lot of new styles at the moment, some black one's, which are very exiting and some more with bow ties and regular ties, etc. So I will keep posting them as pictures become available...

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