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Thursday, October 9, 2008

harold hunter

The kid from my old block and the movie "Kids". Professional skateboarder Harold Hunter, for those who did not have the sweet luck to know him. A early morning in 2006 I bumped into him - and his skateboard - at the 46th Street Salvation Army thrift shop, after not seeing him for about 6 years or so. He was like: "Heyyy, how you doin'?" I'm fine, I said, it's been a while hasn't it? "Yeah, that's right! You still livin' on Ave B?" Nooo, moved out down to Franklin Street years ago... and so we carried on a short conversation about our time back in the days and then moved on with our day... A few days later he was found dead in his apartment, just around the corner where I met him last. Cocaine overdose.

Well let me tell you, this kid was unique and special and should not have died a death like this, I was flabbergasted!!

...harold checking out the royal sneakers he was advertising for, an assignment shot by my hubbs carl posey...

...harold and his beloved skateboard in action...

He was a cool kid indeed, known for his role in that movie "Kids" - which made him famous - and for his endorsement for Zoo York, a local skateboard company who backed him early on. He was always wearing Zoo York. I remember that I told him to stop wearing these things and start sporting some idilvice. I was seriously thinking about making him some outfits but - I regret - never actually did. We met on the street in the East Village in 1994, where we both lived and although we had different friends and lives we always gave each other props and respect! I guess he was flirting with me a little he did with a lot of girls!

So, he was known for inventing a very unique skating style and came up with moves know as: Feeble Grind, Nollie Heel, 360 Ollie, Switch Crooked Grind and a few more. He detested haters and always reminded them that while they were so passionately hating, they would not get anywhere in the meantime... "Don't Hate, Participate!" was his slogan.

So sad to see him gone and NYC has become much less cool for sure - We dearly miss him!

...this is my tribute shirt for harold, available for Spring 2009... although sadly he won't be wearing it now - you can!

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