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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

ny fashion week

The iron statue of a factory worker manufacturing clothing in the midst of the ever so busy fashion district, reminding us of the humble beginnings and the hard work fashion really is.

You know you don't get the usual fashion coverage here and I hope you like my personal first days round up, as it reads a bit different than many other blogs that tell you the same old BS you may or may not wanna hear.

So, yes - I am convinced you know by now - the beast has come out and you see an immense and quiet perplexing amount of fur. Why in the world...?? It's beyond me. Fur, fur fur, the most ugliest of which. I started taking pictures to report it to you, but I prematurely deleted most of them because I really don't want to cramp up my posts with this stuff. As if someone would have money to buy fur next season...??

Of the commercial shows I saw the Barbie Runway Show and Erin Fetherston, which I loved both. Yesterday I went to Tibi and Narciso Rodriquez, which only really were so so...

I also visited the Digital Moda event, which was held at the top of the 110 building on 40th Street. Gazing out the windows you could see the ever so promising fashion week tents below...

..but in all - I really wanted to say something positive about Yuli Ziv's event - this event was nothing special and it seamed a waist of time talking to the, only somewhat fashionable, crowd. Plus the drinks were really cheap.

...there were animals and fur there too...

So, I quickly made my way downstairs again and headed over to the tents. Where I was greeted by friends and colleagues who were all chatting away waiting in line to see Tibi. I liked the Barbie display:

I mentioned Tibi was not interesting, so I really could not wait to see Narciso. I went to the bar and ordered a Vodka Martini with 3 olives and mixed in with the waiting crowd. One young fashionista had this bag which I thought was fun and fitting for the Obama Zeitgeist:

And I had a quick opportunity to chat with Simon Donovan, the Creative Director of Barneys New York. I told him I was sending him my new catalog next week.

simon donovan of barneys new york waiting to see narciso rodriquez

Then finally after more than 1 hour in line, I snatched my seat at Narciso's.

The photographers are ready too, so let's get on with this show!

My attention span was beginning to stagnate and so I was just looking for a cab! Ah, there is one!

A last look uptown in direction of the ever so lit up Times Square.

And so I survived another day of NY Fashion Week!

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