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Friday, February 6, 2009

poison yellow!

I know you were expecting more black, after I just announced that the last post "black" would lead into something darker... but I take a turn right here in the name of actuality for a second or "a post" and talk about The First Lady Michelle Obama's choice of color.

I took a good look and I saw a yellow with a tad of green in it, which led me to my declaration of The First Lady's deux piece (although I could see some additional layers underneath the coat) being a sort of poison-isch yellow. The choice of green gloves may have supported the fact that there was indeed green in that yellow, it may even have brought that shade out more in the midst of all the yellow.

It's really hard to criticize that wonderful Fist Lady of ours and I am not doing that, besides having been accused of doing exactly that. But hello, I can't believe the inability of people to admit that she chose a uncanny green-isch yellow for her day dress. Why can't everybody just admit it and be comfortable with the fact that she did choose one of those colors with a bad rap (I'm not even saying that, but that is what all the commotion is about).

Surely she can wear it - it looked great - everybody agrees! Why is everybody still tip toe-ing around not being able to admit that they were a bit shocked with the choice (BTW, it also was not a traditional lace - in the contrary to wide believe - but a so called acid-cut or Giupure 100% woll fabric, which looks like lace and was also used by Miuccia Prada in her 2008 collections).

miuccia prada giupure 2008

Now, I really loved the unconventional choice, as I always do. But most people say: Oh no, this is yellow, not green, a very nice pastel color, very beautiful, no poison in it, noooo! Oh please...!

Anyway, what's the point? It does not really matter. As long as I knew what color it was. Hey, I did not go to art and graphic school for 5 years for nothing! When I got the letter from my mother, containing all the relevant Swiss news paper clips (they mostly contain imminent news about fashion, views from Europe about the USA or family related news) of the recent month, I was surprised - well then again, not so much - that the lace fabric of Mrs. Obamas dress was from Forster Rohner Textile, the world renowned, famous lace producer out of my hometown St. Gallen. Yes, that's right!

Needless to say, I was very fond to read how it's Creative Director Hans Schreiber described the shade: A mix of mustard yellow, yellow daffodils, lemon grass green and gold. I knew it! There IS green in it! I must have felt it, coming from my home, where Forster Rohner stands for: always special, unconventional and fast forward quality.

Good choice, Isabel Toledo (the designer of the outfit)!

Mrs. Toledo reportedly went to St. Gallen herself, last year and bought 12 meters for the price of 190 CHF (Swiss Francs) each. My mother told me on the phone today that by now the famous wool Giupure is selling for CHF 500.-/meter (a meter is just a bit more than a yard), cheez!

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