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Saturday, August 9, 2008

time to move to beijing?

The opening ceremony of the Olympic Games 2008 in China definitely makes one think about moving on out of the increasingly frustrating and difficult life in the US and trade it for a modern, hopeful future such as the one portrayed in China tonight! A true sign of the time, I think. But this needs to be thought over first.

I always knew that in China it's not about "me!", "me!", "me!" - unlike here in the US - in China it's about the whole of the people all together as one.

To the outside world this is primarily shown on the occasion of those scary looking Chinese military shows (makes one think there is definitely no chance anyone could win against these guys, they would just simply stomp you to the ground). But frankly, who would have thought that they can mobilize many thousands at a time, to an absolutely synchronized performance, such as this lengthy ceremony? WOW! Impressive, and frankly, I don't think any other country could have topped that at this point in time, or ever.

So this evening, we have seen a good face of China. I was thinking about boycotting these games because I recently saw the PBS documentary about the man who stood against tanks on Tiananmen Square, in the Spring of 1989 when the demonstration of the individual against the State took place. The famous, infamous square was by the way closed down tonight.

Anyway, when I saw the striking graphic images on the TV screen, I could no longer look away and the show took me in....

fashionable impressions: Beijing, China 8/8/2008

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