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Friday, January 15, 2010

carl posey shop

It was only going to be a matter of time until I persuaded photographer Carl Posey to open up an online shop, and guess what people? It has happened! The shop is open and you can now own a piece of history. Be it in the fields of music, celebrities, portraits, documentary, art, pop art or fine art, it's accessible to you in a click.

...slick rick portrait photo by carl posey...

Check it out and make sure to check back on a regular basis, because we are adding cool Carl Posey branded products daily. In the works are more framed art, posters, greeting cards, fashion for woman and men, T-shirts and more!

...tha alkaholiks at keith haring's pop shop photographed by carl posey...

While Carl is shooting assignments and working on his blog, I am designing some really cool clothing which will be the platform for some of my favorites Carl Posey images (it's an exclusive cooperation between two artists), my favorite so far is the Biggie Notorious BIG dress, it's cool beyond comprehension! The iconic picture, which was exhibited at the Whitney Museum of Art in a show curated by Thelma Goldin, shows Biggie surrounded by his posse, holding a gun to his comrades head while donning a hyper-mad expression - knowing the rappers tragic fate - is mind boggling and in my book an absolute Must-Have!

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