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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

just another day in new york

Just another inspiring day in New York, that is. Yeap I'm back from Vegas in New York... but what happened to the beautiful weather when I left? Today the city reminds me of the cloudy, rainy days of Switzerland... wewh! Whatever. I am trying not to look out the window today and just go have fun making some new things then....

...sometimes ny looks like this...

As I now descend onto my colorful table of contents - literally - my mood gets an instant lift! I love the way fashion inspires, frankly just the color of a garment or the texture of a jacquard can change ones perception. That's how powerful fashion is.

I always thought that through dressing one best expresses him/herself, because of fashions power to inspire and it's ability to transcend moods and perception. You can basically be whoever you want!

It's kind of tough though too, just due to the fact that you can't escape it! Even if you dress like you don't care, this will transcend into how you are perceived. So basically you have to think about it. You have a choice to dress to impress or dress to express.

Oh, and see, I forgot all about the weather! By now the sun is peaking through the clouds : ) So be mindful of how you dress and enjoy this day!

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